In April of 2019 we visited Lo Zingaro and posted the first blog post about our walk in this first official nature reserve in Sicily. The first part ended in the first bay, the Cala (della) Capreria. In this blog post you’ll see some of the many photos we took during the rest of the walk.

After visiting the Cala Capreria we decided to follow the coastal path and walk towards Punta Leone. You can hike all the way to San Vito lo Capo, but that is quite the walk (more than 12 kilometers)!

From Cala della Capreria to Punta Leone
The coastal path to the next bays
After a short climb we arrived at what our map called a “panoramic point”, close to Punta Leone. In our opinion almost every location in this nature reserve can be called a “panoramic point”, but the view here was certainly particularly beautiful!
A short climb near Punta Leone
Sea view near Punta Leone
The view near Punta Leone
A little further on we saw the Punta Leone, a lion-shaped rock formation in the water (hence the name):
Punta Leone
The lion-shaped rock formation Punta Leone
From Punta Leone it is a 15-minute walk to the second bay, the Cala della Disa.
From Punta Leone to Cala della Disa
We followed the signs for the Disa bay and via a small path we reached the coast.
We followed the signs for Cala della Disa
The path to Cala della Disa
At this point we had a beautiful view of the cala and the clear water in this bay.
The Cala della Disa
Cala della Disa has a pebble beach that is comparable in size to that of the Cala della capreria . Because this bay is about an hour’s walk from the (south) entrance to the park, it is often less busy than in the first bay. We enjoyed the peace and the sound of the waves washing up on the beach.
The pebble beach of Cala della Disa
The Cala della Disa
After a short break we decided to walk to the third bay, the Cala Berretta, a 10 to 15-minute walk.
From Cala della Disa to Cala Berretta
We continue our walk towards Cala Berretta
This area has many Palme nane, dwarf palms (chamaerops humilis).
Some of the thousands of dwarf palm trees in the nature reserve
We followed the signs for Cala Berretta and saw the Cala della Disa below. What a beautiful bay!
Following the path to the next bay
The view of the Cala della Disa from the path to the Cala Berretta
After a short walk we arrived at the Cala Berretta. This bay is the smallest of the three and is nicely hidden among the rocks.
The Cala Berretta
On the pebble beach of Cala Berretta
After having enjoyed the sun and the view, we decided to walk back towards the entrance of the nature reserve. The area is beautifully green and strewn with flowers and palms.
A flower field on the hilly coast
The Golfo di Castellammare
The view of the sea and the Monte Palmeto in the distance
Back to the park entrance. In the distance the Monte Inici
The path leads to the visitor center of Lo Zingaro.
To the visitor center
Near the visitor center
Several routes leading into the mountains are indicated at the visitor center. If you ever want to walk one of these routes, keep in mind that the indicated walking times are quite optimistic… These routes are only suitable for experienced hikers, because you have to climb a lot (in the heat)!
For those who enjoy brisk walking: the mountain routes in the Zingaro
This is the end of the photo tour of our visit of the first three bays in Lo Zingaro. After having seen all the photos you will undoubtedly agree with us that this beautiful nature reserve is definitely worth a visit! Our holiday accommodations are only a short drive from the nature park, so if you will be staying in one of our apartments, villas or holiday homes, you should definitely go to Lo Zingaro.

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