Holiday in Sicily – What to see, do and experience? Part 1

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Have you never been to sunny Sicily and would you like to know what to expect from a holiday on this beautiful island? Then this blog post is for you! We will describe what you can do, see and experience and what makes the island so special. In order not to keep it short, we have divided the blog post into two parts.

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Part 1:
The Sicilian landscape
The climate
Activities in Sicily
Festivities in Sicily

Part 2:
Places of interest
The Sicilian cuisine
What makes Sicily so special?

One of the "hidden" beaches in the Lo Zingaro nature reserve

The Sicilian landscape:

The Sicilian landscape is very varied and that is exactly what makes the island so special. Sicily has spectacular bays with beautiful beaches, hills with charming villages and vineyards or dotted with olive, citrus or almond trees, rocky mountains, beautiful nature reserves, like Lo Zingaro, salt pans, forests, lakes and waterfalls. All this is packed together on an island surrounded by an azure blue sea. Ideal for the most beautiful walks and for car or boat trips.

In the interior of Sicily

The climate:

We have already written an extensive blog article about the weather in Sicily, so we’ll keep this a bit shorter. You can expect lots of sun, because the sun often shines on the island! The months of May, June, September and October are often wonderfully sunny, but not too hot, which makes them ideal for a holiday in which you can both go sunbathing and swimming and visit places of interest in the area. July and August are optimal months for sun, sea and beach! 

On the beach in the coastal town of Balestrate

Activities in Sicily:

There is a lot to do on the island for both adults and children. We have listed various fun activities in our region (the Golfo di Castelallammare between Palermo and Trapani) for you:

Donkey rides:
A hit with young children! Make a trip with a donkey at an agriturismo near Erice or near the town of Alcamo.

Adventure Parks:
In the summer you can take the family to one of the adventure parks in the region. There is one in the wood of Alcamo, where a climbing trail has been set out for children from the age of 6.

Water parks:
Looking to cool off? Then visit one of the water parks on the island, such as the one in Monreale (near Palermo) or the one in Cefalù. They offer swimming pools, water slides and much more!

Boat trip to Scopello:
Skipper Vittorio from diving club Cetaria takes you by boat from Castellammare del Golfo to Scopello. You can see the beautiful coast with the nature reserve Lo Zingaro and the famous tonnara and go for a swim / go snorkeling in the sea. Vittorio will provide snorkel gear.

The coast near Scopello

Boat trip to the islands of favignana and levanzo:
This boat trip gives you the opportunity to visit two of the three Egadi islands off the coast of Trapani. There is lunch on board and of course there is time to go for a swim in the clear blue sea!

Cooking workshops:
If you’d like to prepare the most delicious Sicilian dishes at home, then the cooking workshop at a real agriturismo is something for you! You can participate in a short workshop of one morning with subsequent lunch or a workshop of several days.

Pizza workshops:
Children and their parents can learn from a real pizzaiolo (pizza maker) how to make a pizza and have a (100%) chance to go home with an official diploma!

Sfincione workshops:
The sfincione is a kind of focaccia with a mixture of, among other things, tomatoes, anchovies and cheese (caciocavallo). During this workshop in an agriturismo you’ll learn how to make this Sicilian delicacy.

Cycling in Sicily:
The hilly landscape is ideal for sporty cyclists. Rent a road bike or MTB and head out! Enjoy the beautiful views, the coastal roads with sea views, the cozy towns and the beautiful climbs. If you prefer to go for a bike ride with someone who knows the area well, you can explore the area with an English speaking cycling guide.

In the harbor of Castellammare del Golfo

Diving near Scopello:
Scopello is a beautiful area for divers. Have you never dived before? Then the sea baptism is something for you. An instructor from the diving club lets you experience diving in not too deep water. The sea baptism is also a fun experience for children (minimum age 8 years).

Wine tasting:
The most delicious wines have been produced in Sicily for years. Taste excellent wines in combination with tasty local products and enjoy the rolling landscape full of vineyards.

Festivities in Sicily:

There are various festivities in Sicily throughout the year. The so-called sagre are often worth a visit. These are village festivals that are often celebrating a typical local product, such as the cannolo (sweet Sicilian delicacy), olive oil, ricotta (a type of cheese), a certain local wine, etc. During these sagre you can taste these products and there is often Sicilian folk music and dance.

During the Couscous fest in San Vito lo Capo

Of all the festivities in Sicily, the couscous festival in San Vito lo Capo is the best known sagra. During this three-day festival you can taste couscous from various countries and there are stalls from producers of local and regional products, such as wines, cheese, olive oil, salami, honey, etc. Every evening you can enjoy live music on the main square of the village.

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