Visiting the medieval town of Erice

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The medieval town of Erice is located on top of the Monte Erice (called Monte San Giuliano until 1934) at about 750 meters above sea level. This town has beautiful city walls, churches, castles, cobblestone streets and characteristic buildings and from several points in Erice you’ll have a breathtaking view.
Monte Erice
You can reach the town by car, by bicycle (steep climb!) or, as long as it is not too windy, by cable car (funivia).
Various winding roads lead to the top of Monte Erice
With the cable car from Trapani to Erice
The cable car offers you beautiful views of Trapani and the Egadi islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.
View of Trapani and the Egadi Islands from the cable car
You enter the town through the city gate, the Porta Trapani. Turn left at the gate and you’ll arrive at the cathedral (Chiesa Matrice) and the bell tower, the Torre di Federico.
The cathedral and bell tower of Erice
In the cathedral of Erice
The bell tower was built in 1312 and used as a lookout tower. At the tourist information point located in the tower you can buy a kind of day pass (around 5 Euros p.p.), which will give you access to various sights in Erice. NB Not all sights are covered by the pass. Those that are, are shown on a map.

From the clock tower you’ll have a beautiful view of the town of Erice.

In the bell tower of Erice
The town of Erice and the cathedral seen from the bell tower
You will find many souvenir shops, restaurants and bars on Erice’s main street, the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. If you leave the main street, you will see many narrow, cobbled streets with natural stone buildings and nice vistas.
Narrow streets in the medieval town
The San Giuliano church in Erice
On clear days, the views of Monte Cofano, the area near San Vito lo Capo, Trapani, the salt pans and the Egadi islands are spectacular!
Early birds can enjoy a beautiful sunrise
View of Trapani, the salt pans and the Egadi islands
View of Monte Cofano
On the southeast side of Erice you will find a large Norman castle, the Castello di Venere, which, together with the Torri del balio, was part of the town’s defense line. The Torri del balio was restored in the 19th century by Count Agostino Pepoli. He also had the towers’ garden, the Giardino del balio, laid out and he constructed a small villa. This Torretta Pepoli is a symbol of Erice and has recently been restored.
The Castello di Venere in Erice
Castello e torri del Balio
One of the torri del balio
In the giardino del balio
The recently restored Torretta Pepoli
According to the Normans San Giuliano helped them conquer the Arabs. Therefore, San Giuliano, also called “the liberator”, became the patron saint of Erice. The San Giuliano church was built in 1070 in honor of this saint and was one of the first churches of Erice.
The San Giuliano church
After a part collapsed, the church was restored and expanded in the 17th century. The beautiful baroque bell tower was added later, in 1770.
The bell tower of the San Giuliano church in Erice
A detail of the 18th century clock tower
In the evening the various towers and castles are beautifully lit and you can see the lights of Trapani in the distance.
The illuminated Torretta Pepoli and the Castello di Venere
View of Trapani by night
Erice is only a 45-minute drive from our apartments, villas and holiday homes and is one of the many places of interest in our area.

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